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July 2008

Allentown Rescue Mission

Allentown Rescue Mission Director Gary Millspaugh recently spoke to our congregation during worship service. Session was moved to initiate a mission effort on behalf of the Rescue Mission. A special collection will be held to benefit the Rescue Mission on July 6th. Any donations made to the Rescue Mission by the congregation will be matched by funds from Session (up to a total of $500).

Synod Presbyterian Women Gathering, Waynesburg College, June 11-14, 2008

I'd like to share with you the inspirational and uplifting experience I had while attending the Synod Presbyterian Women's Gathering at Waynesburg College from June 11 thru 14, 2008. The decor was black figurines representing women as children of God walking through clouds of white.

Only three women from Lehigh Presbytery attended, Sue Ayers from Stroudsburg, Vickie Bowers from Pennside, Reading and myself from Hokendauqua. The ride out was most enjoyable and the scenery was breathtaking, but the ride home was a little hairy at times with heavy downpours of rain. We arrived safely in time for dinner, unpacked and enjoyed a leisurely evening. Breakfast was from 7-8 a.m. with quite a selection of delicious food.

The gathering officially began at 1 p.m. with singing. The walls just echoed praises to God as women from within the Synod of the Trinity and beyond joined their voices. The Gathering theme was "Come, Rejoice in the Light" and of course as we entered the hall each one received a small flashlight to hand around your neck. Every plenary session began with worship which set the tone for the day. Our M.C. for all sessions was Lay Pastor Marsha Parrish.

Within each session we had a variety of activities such as —

  • Greeting from the outgoing Moderator, Barbara Kiester, the Chaplain at Waynesburg and Mary Speedy from the Synod of the Trinity.
  • Mission project speaker, Susan Mummert, talked on Honduras and Palms for the Congo
  • Skits to advertise Horizons Magazine
  • Liturgical dancers
  • Bible Study on LUKE led by The Rev. Donna Havrisko
  • Book reviews/resource Hi Lites
  • Taize Prayer Service
  • Sing and stretch with Laurel M. Labbe
  • Sharing and caring times in the dorms before lights out.

During the week we received two offerings (contigent and Mission). Also, we had a mission project "Love in a Basket" for mothers and newborns. A large variety of items were accumulated and from the looks fo things it would have filled several vans or a large truck to distribute the items where they are needed.

Friday afternoon we had the privilege of choosing 2 workshops. My choices were "Finding God's Light In Our Own Stories" and "Sabbath: Rest and Renewal". Both workshops were so much fun as well as educational and inspirational.

Friday evening we celebrated P.W.'s 20th anniversary and conducted business meetings. It was also time to recognize those leaving office and installation of our new officers. We ended the evening with the Moderator's reception with a cake on each table and a beverage of your choice. Our new Moderator is Mary McElroy from Ohio Valley.

Saturday was here before we knew it and there was no better way to close such an enjoyable week than to remember who made it all possible by gathering around the table to celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion. After the Charge and Benediction we left for home.

Every woman member of a Presbyterian Church is automatically a member of PW whether you are active in the organization or not. The Gatherings are open to ALL women who are seeking a spiritual uplifting experience. Scholarships are available for those who need financial assistance.

The next Synod Gathering will be held in 2010 and the invitation is open for you to join with Women of the Synod of the Trinity for fun fellowship. So Come, Rejoice in the Light.

Barbara R. Quigg
Leadership Enhancement Coordinator

Barbeque and Bluegrass

The “Barbeque and Bluegrass” on Saturday, June 21st at Hokey Pres Church was a great success. Special thanks to Sue and Sally and all their wonderful helpers. Proceeds benefited the Roof Fund.

Basket/Ice Cream Social Saturday, July 19th

Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 19th from 1pm to 4 pm. The Presbyterian Women are hosting a Ice Cream Basket Social. Join us for fellowship, basket prizes, and, of course, yummy ice cream! Your help is needed. Workers are needed to help set up, work the stands and clean up. Please consider donating filled baskets, gift certificates, or monetary gifts. Filled baskets are due by Wednesday evening prior to the event. If possible, please wrap your donated baskets. Tickets for basket raffles are being sold. See Donna Fink or Barb Quigg. Attendees can also come in Friday evening to deposit tickets for basket raffles. See you July 19th!

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School was held June 23 - 27, and a great time was had by all -- kids and adults alike! This year, we went on a "Friendship Trek", and learned that Jesus - Our Friend - Reaches Out, Jesus Loves Us, Jesus Gives Gifts, Jesus Cares, and Jesus Shares. A big thanks to all our attendees and our volunteers! A special big thanks goes to VBS Director Debbie Snyder and to Eileen Tremblay. A lot of work makes for a lot of fun!

New Summer Service Time!

Beginning Sunday, June 15th (Father's Day), service will begin at 9:30 am. Last day of summer service is September 7th.

New Email Address

The First Presbyterian Church of Hokendauqua now has a new e-mail address:

Drip, Drip, Drop!

Our leaky roof has been fixed! Please click here for photos. A big thanks to all who have made contributions to our Roof Fund. We are still accepting donations to cover the cost of the repair, which totaled $15,000. To date, we've received $6,500. We're hoping to replenish our Building Fund with additional donations. Thank you!

July Birthdays

(1) Susan Kovalchick, Calleen Sedora; (2) Kathleen Nevins, Haley Lyle; (3) Matthew Faisetty, Jimmy Bode; (5) Darah Kovalchick; (6) Norma O'Connor, Amber Schray, Kylie McFetridge; (7) Autumn Schray, Tyler Linton; (8) Donald DeWalt; (9) Denise Worman; (10) Maria Schedler; (11) William Fenstermaker, Melissa Moran, Jeffrey Shuey; (13) Katrina Wasson; (14) Evelyn Hodes, Olivia George; (16) Taylor Stauffer; (17) Carol Clancy; (19) Kimberly Wall, Dan McNeill, Jeff Wimmer; (20) Anthony Scheirer; (22) Donna Fink, Rita Scheirer, Stephen Sasdi; (23) Ora Kramlich; (24) Mary Lorah; (25) Stacy Mohr; (27) John Bowman, Jeremy Ruch; (29) Marijane Lynn, Amy Steigerwalt; (30) Seam McFedtridge; (31) David Micio, Nick Micio, Steven Snyder, Tracy Stauffer

August Birthdays

(1) Shane Fillman; (2) Michele Walters, Jay Gilbert; (4) Brock Fenstermaker, Richard Graumenz; (7) Vanessa Schlosser, Stephanie Bennett; (8) Eric Bode, Tyler Keeler; (9) Jeannie McNeill; (11) Denise Graumenz; (12) Ann Kreglow, Shelly Kovalchick, John Wheeler; (13) Janet Bloszinsky, Ashley Valkert; (14) William Marks, Sr.; (15) Lindsay Wasson, Richard Bowman, Sr.; (18) Tyler Graumenz, Joseph Murphy, Barbara Quigg, Titus Ruch; (20) Chris Mondschein; (23) Raymond Bottazzi, Linda Schlosser; (26) Melissa Scheirer; (30) Eric Hein; (31) Jared Shuey, Madeline Scheffer

Turning Point

We are still collecting used cell phones and have now added the collection of empty printer cartridges for Turning Point. Please place your phones and cartridges in the box on the table in front of Fellowship Hall. Turning Point can receive up to $3.50 for each phone or cartridge. Thank you.

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Additional Prayer Concerns:

Graham Hantz
Ben Sammak
Melissa Harth
Sania Owens
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Maria Schedler
Monica & Mario Vasquez
Fehnel Family
Linton Family
Baby Makayla Fickes
Mark Scherer
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Ann Kreglow
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Catherine Woodley

If you have any changes or additions to the prayer lists please contact the church office (610-264-9693) or Lila Bowman.


Mr. Ray Bottazzi - C20 Whitehall Manor, 1177 Sixth St., Whitehall, PA. 18052

Mr./Mrs. James DeWalt 3108 N. 3rd St., Whitehall, PA 18052

Ms. Kathryn Fogel - Phoebe Terrace, Apt. 201, 1940 Turner St., Allentown, PA. 18104

Mrs. Evelyn Groller - Country Meadows, Rm. 18, building 4, 4007 Green Pond Rd. Bethlehem, PA. 18020

Mrs. Jeanette Hause - 247 E. Walnut Street, Allentown, PA 18109

Mrs. Mary Lorah - 1801 Newport Ave., Apt. 212, Northampton, PA 18067

Mr. William J. Marks, Sr. - 3227 N. 3rd St. Whitehall, PA. 18052

Mr. Harry Millen - 3004 N. Third Street, Whitehall, PA 18052

Mrs. Norma O'Connor - 212 Orchard Drive #1, Whitehall, PA. 18052

Mr. Titus Ruch Sr. - 1419 W. Linden Street, Allentown, PA 18102

Mrs. Catherine Woodley - Eastern Comfort III 206 Diamond Street, Slatington, PA 18080

(Cards and prayers are some ways we can show our love for those in need within our church family.)

Parish Nurse

Our church may be looking for another Parish Nurse. If any RNs in the congregation are interested, please contact the church office at 610-264-9693 or someone on Session. Thanks!

News Archive

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