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Church News
May 2007

Greeters and Ushers

  Greeters Ushers
May 6 Joe & Linda Fehnel Joe & Linda Fehnel

May 13

Chris Mondschein Chris Mondschein & family
May 20 Jean Krall Jean Krall & Doris Hrizuk
May 27 Karen Bydlon Bydlon Family
June 3 Ann Tremblay Eileen & Ann Tremblay
June 10 Rita Scheirer John & Melody Faisetty

May Birthdays

(3) Donna Givler; (4) Aidan Jacoby; (7) Ryan Pontician; (8) Carol Kerewich; (4) Joyce Wheeler; (10) John Faisetty; (11) Irwin Kreglow, Randy Cope; (13) Andrew Smicker; (15) Joyce Burda, Bill Miller; (16) Tim Snyder, Lauren Fritzinger; (17) L. Kathryn Fogel, Frank Kovalchick, Joseph Sasdi; (18) Jeff Matthews, Lauryn Bodish, Kimberly Bydlon; (19) Patrick Adams; (27) Andrew Kern, Brooke Petrasovits, Kevin Swartley; (28) Erin Petrasovits, Kenneth Swartley; (29) Karen Bydlon

June Birthdays

(1) Jessica Schedler, Rebekah Gilbert, Lori Shuey; (2) Larry Lorah; (3) Donna Martin, Jim Tremblay; (4) Michael Kramlich; (5) Doug Sammak, Jerome Avate; (7) Kathleen McNeill, Andrew Bydlon: (13) Kian Linton; (14) Joseph Lynn, Brandon Hein; (15) John Filipovits; (16) George Goshey; (17) Wendy Seip; (18) Alexis Jernegan; (19) Peter Gilbert; (20) Elizabeth Dorwart; (21) Sandra Bennett; (22) John Hrizuk, Michael Hrizuk, Jamie Keller, Rose Hrizuk, Tyler Jernegan; (23) Kristie Kern, Carlee Worman; (25) Thomas Bennett; (26) Cody Murphy-Miller; (27) Alvin Hart, Jill Lafaw

One Great Hour of Sharing

Our church's total contribution to "One Great Hour of Sharing" was about $455.00. Thank you everyone!

Youth Group

Saturday May 12th—The Youth Group is planning a mission field trip to "2nd Harvest Food Bank" for help in food packaging and clean-up. Please contact Sandy and Carl Moran for more information.

Sunday May 20th—The Youth Group is planning a trip to Camp Brainerd for a fishing Contest. Please contact Sandy or Carl Moran for more information.


Confirmation will be on Sunday May 20th during the church service.

Pentecost Sunday

Sunday May 27th is Pentecost Sunday. Christians celebrate Pentecost as a time of renewal. Let the celebration of Pentecost impart faith, hope, a sharing of community, and an awareness of a purpose much greater than yourself.

Looking for a florist to deliver alter flowers? One option is Albert Brother's on Howertown Rd. (610-264-0214). They are in possession of a key to the church and are happy to drop off flower orders.


Our choir will again be sponsoring a Basket Bingo on Friday, November 16, 2007--Save the Date!

Doors open @ 5:30 p.m.
Bingo starts @ 7:00 p.m.

At the Schnecksville Fire Company

Proceeds to benefit:
Lehigh Valley Military Affairs Council


There will be a copy of the church directory on the table in the main hall. Please check to make sure your information is current. Please call the church office at 610-264-9693 or mark on the directory in the hall any updates. Thank you.

Deacons Prayer List

Bodish Family
Teens and young adults
Church ministries
Armed Service Personnel
Jeannette Hause and family
Teachers & Pupils
Linton Family

Additional Prayer Concerns:

Monica & Mario Vasquez
Linton Family
Baby Makayla Fickes
Fehnel Family
Maria Schedler
Jim Hodes
David Troxell
Tim Billig
Harry Millen
Sarah Hatzel

If you have any changes or additions to the prayer lists please contact the church office (610-264-9693) or Lila Bowman.


Mr. Ray Bottazzi - C20 Whitehall Manor, 1177 Sixth St., Whitehall, PA. 18052

Mrs. Ruth DeLong - 4230 Dorney Park Rd., Apt. 401, Allentown, PA. 18104

Mr./Mrs. James DeWalt 3108 N. 3rd St., Whitehall, PA 18052

Ms. Kathryn Fogel - Phoebe Terrace, Apt. 201, 1940 Turner St., Allentown, PA. 18104

Mrs. Evelyn Groller - Country Meadows, Rm. 18, building 4, 4007 Green Pond Rd. Bethlehem, PA. 18020

Jeanette and David Hause III - 247 E. Walnut Street, Allentown, PA 18109

Mrs. Mary Lorah - 1801 Newport Ave., Apt. 212, Northampton, PA 18067

Mr. William J. Marks, Sr. - 3227 N. 3rd St. Whitehall, PA. 18052

Mrs. Norma O'Connor - 212 Orchard Drive #1, Whitehall, PA. 18052

Mr. Titus Ruch Sr. - 1419 W. Linden Street, Allentown, PA 18102

Mrs. Catherine Woodley - Eastern Comfort III 206 Diamond Street, Slatington, PA 18080

(Cards and prayers are some ways we can show our love for those in need within our church family.)

Presbyterian Women

Calendar of Events

May 8 - P.W. Association Meeting at 7:00 p.m.

May 21 - Circle 1--noon

May 24 - Circle 2--noon

Parish Nurse

Our church may be looking for another Parish Nurse. If any RNs in the congregation are interested, please contact the church office at 610-264-9693 or someone on Session. Thanks!

Attention Junior/Senior High Schoolers and Adults!

Do you love music and good fellowship? Would you like to be part of the music program, but don't have musical abilities? Are you more of a dinger than a singer? Does any of this "ring a bell" to you? Then I invite you to be part of the church Chime choir! We meet Wednesday evenings at 6:15 p.m. See Barbara Haberern if you have any questions.

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