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December 2012

Open Your Heart at Christmas

Can you imagine what winter would be like without Christmas? The excitement in children’s eyes, the beautiful lights, the inspiring music, and the glorious food make December a special time for us. We complain about the pressures to shop and bake and attend events. But can you imagine not having an Advent season, with its joyful anticipation of Christ’s birth? And yet, many folks in the Lehigh Valley suffer from loneliness during the holidays. They may be waiting to receive a card, or a phone call, or a reminder that someone cares. What if you were in a nursing home, with no relatives to visit you? What if you were about to undergo major surgery in December, and all the doors and windows in the hospital lobby were decorated with holly and reindeer and snowmen? How depressing would that be?

In some deep part of our hearts, we are all aware of one truth—the Christian life is about love. The Apostle Paul wrote of the importance of faith, hope and love, in his First Letter to the Corinthians. He said, “The greatest of these is love.” We need to nurture love experiences during Advent, not only among our families and friends, but also with strangers in need. Remember, if you give love freely, you will receive it back, ten-fold.

As you go through this holiday season, pay attention to the peace, love and joy that is all around you—and seek out the people who may be longing to share that peace, love and joy with you. May each of us see someone new to bless this season—someone who would appreciate the gift of YOU. Shovel a neighbor’s sidewalk. Relieve a tired care-giver. Babysit for a little child, and give his or her parents a relaxing night out. Call a shut-in and have a long talk on the phone. Write a Christmas card to an active duty person in the military. By extending these kindnesses, you’ll pass God’s love along to the loneliest of His children. Merry Christmas to all our church family!

Pastor Joyce

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