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November 2013

Mentors Will Help Teens Grow as Christ's Disciples
Pastor Points for November

Gail Sheehy, the author of PASSAGES and NEW PASSAGES, two pioneering books about the decades of life, recommends that adults find opportunities to mentor younger folks during the fifth or sixth decades of their lives. Mentoring in the Christian faith can be as fulfilling and useful as formal study of theology — even if the mentors don't know all the answers about the meaning of life! (And, really, who does?)

Carl Moran and I will be teaching this group of Sunday School students on Sunday evenings, beginning at six-thirty p.m. on November 17th. We plan to teach from MAKING DISCIPLES, a well-regarded, published curriculum which I have taught in several other churches. Although the study is based on the Gospel of Luke, the class will explore many other books of the Bible and the basic beliefs of our denomination. Our confirmands will also be mentored by ten church members, selected by the Christian education committee to accompany them on their faith journeys. Mentors have agreed to undergo background checks, and then to meet several times with the young people assigned to them. Teens and mentors will talk informally about faith and life challenges, beginning in late November. Confirmation class will not be held on major holiday weekends. Mentors do not need to attend the Sunday evening classes — although they are welcome to do so.

"Making disciples" has become challenging work for the church. Too often, in mainline Protestant congregations, students are confirmed during their middle school years and then "graduate" from coming to worship or taking part in church activities. We hope this new program will reverse that trend in our church. But we realize that, for most young people, following Christ does not come naturally. We hope you will encourage and support these five young people, their parents, and their mentors, in this learning adventure which begins in just a few weeks.

Pastor Joyce

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