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November 2008

Get to Know Your Congregation!

Name: Gail Rhinehart

Address: 6 Walking Purchase Circle, Northampton, PA 18067

Hometown: Washington, N.J.

High School attended:
Washington High School (I was in the last class to graduate from WHS
- it's now Warren Hills H.S.), Moravian College

Previous churches attended:
Prior member of First Presbyterian Church of Washington, N.J.

Current job, hobbies, or special talents:
After working for 31 years for Warren Co. N.J. supervising the Child Support and Paternity Unit, I'm retired and loving it. I'm currently tutoring a couple mornings per week for an adult literacy program, playing volleyball in the summer, reading, and exercising.

What has been your involvement with Hokey Pres?
Sunday School teacher for the past 10 years (I forget when I started!), chime choir, deacon

Fun or special memories of Hokey Pres:
Sunday School activities and programs; having fun with my fellow "ding-a-lings" (aka chime choir); church picnics and basket bingo; Camp Brainerd with Christian Ed.

How did you come to find/attend Hokey Pres?
Originally I attended because of the early service, but once I got involved with Sunday School, I had to attend the second service anyway. From the beginning at Hokey Pres, I've felt right at home.

Family Info:
My two best friends: Tommy ("Tucker") Burke and our lab, Cassidy. Four brothers: John, Rick, Rob and Scott, and their families (I've pretty much lost track of all the nieces and nephews!); Tucker's sister, Bonnie, and her family.

Save the Date!

The Sunday School's Christmas Program: “Christmas With Jesus” will be Sunday, December 21st at 5 p.m. Cake and Refreshments following the program. Please join us for a special evening.


The Presbyterian Women and Deacons are asking the congregation for help by bringing a can or non-perishable food item to church every Sunday (or when you can). We'd like to build up a healthy supply to have on hand when we're ready to donate to the Food Bank. There will be a basket near the organ in the Sanctuary. The deadline is Nov. 23rd. Thank you for your support!

Brrr... We need mittens!

Please consider donating a hat/scarf/mittens/gloves to the Mitten Patch in the church lobby. We'll be delivering the collection to Turning Point right after Thanksgiving. Thank you from the Sunday School Children and Teachers!

Choir Practice

Choir practice rehearsals are every Wednesday from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. Come join us!

Interested in Volunteering in the Nursery?

We are organizing a volunteer list to staff our Nursery during worship service. A volunteer will be in the Nursery during an entire service, if parents wish to drop off their child in the beginning or the middle — of worship service. Please see the sign-up sheet on the bulletin board or see Tammy Seidick. Thank you!

Drip, Drip, Drop!

Our leaky roof has been fixed! Please click here for photos. A big thanks to all who have made contributions to our Roof Fund. We are still accepting donations to replenish our Building Fund. Thank you!

Fall Membership Classes

Fall membership classes will be forming soon, Pleas contact pastor Henry Distler for more details, if you are interested in attending classes or you have any questions, 610-264-9693.

November Birthdays

Colleen George; (2) Cora Apgar; (3) Brad Bloszinsky; (4) Keven Lorah, Shelby Fenstermaker, Michael Jernegan; (5) Nancy Hamm; (6) Kelly Rusnock; (7) Jonathan Linton, Tom Waters; Dorothy Somers, Jakob Huffman; (11) Scott Gilbert; (12) Julie Berk; (13) Taylor Geiger; Carl Moran, Kyle Rusnock; (15) Althea Lychak, Kelly Ward; (16) David Fehnel; (18) June Linton, Kathleen Rowland; (20) William Geiger III; (21) Michael Lorah; (22) Tom Heffner; Doug Barriner; (25) Laura Wheeler-Cassavell, John Wall (26) Tim Faisetty, Kelly Hawes, Robert Lychak, Pat Dolgos; (27) Deborah Bendekovits; (30) Charles Kerewich, Steven Haberern

December Birthdays

Shannon McNeill; (3) Tori Snyder, Michael Woodling (5) Amy Keller; (6) Jack Wheeler; Walter Bloszinsky, Andrew Snyder; (8) Mae Hart, Matthew Jernegan, Karen Sentiwany; Bryant Autrey, Bryan Dannecker; (10) Barbara Johns; (12) Dave Micio; (14) Cody Storm; Kathleen Fenstermaker; (16) Robert Schlosser;, Kathy Kovolchick; (17) Katie Dyer, Kyle Worman; (18) Tiffany Bennett; (20) Randy Walters; (22) Alexis Adams; (25) Mike Wiehl; (27) Carol Steigerwalt, Janet Ward, David Apgar; (30) Erin Matthews; (31) Dotty Derrico

Turning Point

We are still collecting used cell phones and have now added the collection of empty printer cartridges for Turning Point. Please place your phones and cartridges in the box on the table in front of Fellowship Hall. Turning Point can receive up to $3.50 for each phone or cartridge. Thank you.

Deacons Prayer List

Armed Services Personnel
Teachers & Pupils
Church Ministries
Teens and young adults

Additional Prayer Concerns:

Ben Sammak
Paul Hodes
Melissa Harth
Irwin Kreglow
Maria Schedler
Monica & Mario Vasquez
Joe Lynn
John Shank
Rich Haberern

If you have any changes or additions to the prayer lists please contact the church office (610-264-9693) or Lila Bowman.


Mr. Ray Bottazzi - Traditions of Hanover, 5300 N. Gate Dr. , Bethlehem, PA. 18017

Mr./Mrs. James DeWalt 3108 N. 3rd St., Whitehall, PA 18052

Ms. Kathryn Fogel - Phoebe Terrace, Apt. 201, 1940 Turner St., Allentown, PA. 18104

Mrs. Evelyn Groller - Country Meadows, Rm. 18, building 4, 4007 Green Pond Rd. Bethlehem, PA. 18020

Mrs. Jeanette Hause - 247 E. Walnut Street, Allentown, PA 18109

Mrs. Mary Lorah - Phoebe Home Rm. 280B, 1925 W. Turner St., Allentown, PA 18104

Mr. William J. Marks, Sr. - Cedarbrook Nursing Home, B-3, 350 S. Cedarbrook Rd.,
Allentown, PA 18104

Mr. Harry Millen - 3004 N. Third Street, Whitehall, PA 18052

Mrs. Norma O'Connor - 212 Orchard Drive #1, Whitehall, PA. 18052

Mr. Titus Ruch Sr. - 160 Oley Furnace Road, Fleetwood, PA 19522

Mrs. Catherine Woodley - Eastern Comfort III 206 Diamond Street, Slatington, PA 18080

Mr. and Mrs. Grace and Robert Young - Apt. 2204 Kirkland Village, One Kirkland Village
Circle, Bethlehem, PA 18017

(Cards and prayers are some ways we can show our love for those in need within our church family.)

Parish Nurse

Our church may be looking for another Parish Nurse. If any RNs in the congregation are interested, please contact the church office at 610-264-9693 or someone on Session. Thanks!

News Archive

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