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April 2016

Pastor Points: Fifty Days of Easter

In the last week of March, the month of April, and the first half of May, we will be in “The Fifty Days of Easter”! This season is also called Eastertide. Presbyterians don’t generally make a big deal of the season between Easter Sunday and Pentecost, but this fifty-day period can be a refreshing time for us if we give attention to our personal spiritual journeys. After a season of Lent that focuses on impending darkness and the doom of the cross, we celebrate a season of light and new life, during the bright shining days after Christ’s resurrection. If you haven’t noticed, after Easter Sunday, divine messengers robed in dazzling white are the dominant images in our scripture readings for Sunday worship. Our paraments (table and pulpit cloths) in the sanctuary will be white, beginning on Easter Sunday and ending on Pentecost. You will hear stories of Jesus appearing in white, of the risen Christ walking to Emmaus with His disciples and disappearing out of sight, only to re- appear later in a new place. There’s constant excitement! Characters in the gospels operate at a fever pitch because of the joy they are experiencing.

During the Easter season, the church is called to think about the experience of the disciples with their risen Lord. We, like Jesus’ followers, will contemplate what the risen Christ calls us to do, and who He is calling us to become. In joyous hope, we will remember that Christ is always with us. In our worship services we will think about the various ways that disciples can be with our risen savior---even as we are still earth-bound. We’ll get ready for Pentecost Day, so that we’ll be ready to celebrate the movement of God’s spirit in our lives—and the confirmation of seven youth on Sunday, May 15! Enjoy Eastertide, and use the time to strengthen yourselves for the journey ahead. May God’s Spirit guide us all.

Pastor Joyce

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