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February 2015

Pastor Points: "The Problems and the Promise of Paul"

We live in a world that is experiencing great technological and cultural change. Easy access to information, encounters with
people representing a variety of cultures, environmental changes, and limited resources—all are aspects of our daily lives. The ancient civilization in which the Apostle Paul wrote his letters, was in many ways similar to ours.

Paul’s writings to the earliest churches are some of the most influential in Christianity. Revisiting the struggles Paul faced and the authenticity and integrity of his theology is an essential task for Christians today. Paul often questioned his faith as he tried to live as authentically as possible in a world that was also in the midst of turmoil and social conflict. What can we learn from studying Paul’s Second Letter to the Corinthians, considering his theology and ideas as they relate to the context of our time?

On February 26 at one thirty p.m. we will begin a nine-part weekly Bible study, “Reconciling Paul.” We will use as our study guide, a book of the same title by Elizabeth Hinson-Hasty, Professor of Theology at Bellarmine University. Concepts of shared partnership, power in weakness, healing, reconciliation, forgiveness and love all figure prominently in the author’s commentary on Paul. It is the most autobiographical of the Apostle’s letters. I hope you will join us, as we discern together the meaning of these ancient passages for the world in which we live today. As we read this letter afresh, we will, as Paul did, try to answer the question: “What constitutes a faithful Christian life?”

Pastor Joyce

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