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January 2014

Crossing the Threshold

Welcome to 2014! We cross many thresholds in our lives: the one that separates our own homes from the rest of our community, the ones that separate generations, the ones that separate America from the rest of the world, being single from being married, working from being retired, and so on. Until we cross any of these thresholds, they seem far off into the future. The biggest of all thresholds, for us, will be the one that separates this life from eternal life. What will it be like? Most of us figure we have a lot of living to do before we get there. Then one day, in a matter of moments, we receive a diagnosis in a doctor’s office, or struggle to be rescued after an accident. We suddenly realize that the biggest threshold of all could be very near. And we ask, “Is this, all there is?”

People say their lives seem to “pass before them” when that mega-threshold is reached. They wonder if they have said, “I love you” enough, or if they’ve prayed or read the Bible enough, or if they’ve accomplished all they set out to do. I pray that, in 2014, we will consider how our preparation for that step across the threshold to eternal life is progressing. Life is all about getting ready to take that step, it seems to me.

Psalm 91, set to music by Michael Joncas in 1979 as “On Eagle’s Wings,” offers comfort as we face the unknown. God does not want us to lie awake at night, dreading the future. We can choose to be frightened of the unknown, or to take shelter in the strong, loving arms of God. When we place ourselves in God’s care, when we trust Him to protect us, we can rely on His promise.

PRAYER FOR A NEW YEAR: O God, you are the keeper of all times and seasons. We give you thanks for the year just ended. Help us to learn from it. We greet 2014 with hope. We do not know what this New Year holds for us. Go before us and guide our way. Help us to use the days ahead in ways you want us to use them. We ask these things in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ. AMEN

Pastor Joyce

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