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July/August 2013

The Summer of Our Three Oikoi

What’s an oikos? It’s a Greek word for “household” or “family.” Two or more are “oikoi.” Our Vacation Bible School had an ancient Greek theme this year. In “Athens”, from July 8-12, our teachers wore togas, and the 27 children learned about the Bible in age-appropriate oikoi—Philippi (taught by Tammy Seidick and Barb Quigg), “Corinth,” taught by Debbie Snyder, and “Galatia,” taught by Gail Rhinehart. Debbie was also the Director of this year’s VBS.

Our special guests were time-travelers from Ancient Greece, Kevin Justice, playing the Apostle Paul, and Megan Hilbert, portraying his Christian friend. Damaris. They presented lessons in costume, from a real burlap tent in the chapel. We had a visit from a Roman soldier, too! The three oikos teachers helped their students understand Paul’s New Testament adventures and to spot the signs of God’s love in their daily lives. Eileen Tremblay operated the craft marketplace and provided real Greek snacks. (Who knew that kids would love hummus and flatbread? She did!)

Shania Schlosser led “Arena Games” in rain and shine. She taught kids how to do the singing and dancing that began and ended each evening’s session. Shania was assisted by Justin Smith and Monica Snyder. Pat Frankenfield and Carol Snyder were our chefs, creating delicious meals from the goodies our members donated. Each day, students contributed to a mission offering for Sergeant Adam Keys.

Take a look at the handprints, inscribed with “God Sightings,” on the wall of our Sunday School Room. The children of our congregation were challenged to share their faith in Jesus----though not as dangerously as Paul was, two thousand years ago! The children walked away from our final pizza party with the comfort of knowing that God loves us all, and that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to share that love with all the world.

Pastor Joyce

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