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March 2014

A Time to Keep, A Time to Throw Away

The word, “lent,” is an Old English word that means “spring.” The season of Lent begins on March 5, Ash Wednesday. The following Sunday, March 9, we “spring forward” one hour to Daylight Saving Time. Don’t forget to set your watch and alarm clock ahead on the 8th, or you’ll be an hour late for church!

During Lent, we try to let go of matters that have weighed us down spiritually—too much television, chocolate, gossip, spending, procrastination, or all of the above. Learning what to keep, and what to let go of, keeps our spirits in balance. While giving up our bad habits, we should also seek to deepen our spirituality during the forty-six days of the Lenten Season. Many of us feel like we have been in spiritual hibernation during this harsh winter (the third worst in the history of the Lehigh Valley), and we can’t wait until the frozen earth thaws, the dirty snow melts, and the days get warmer. Of course, the spring weather will lift everyone’s spirits. But we can all start our spiritual “spring cleaning” whether it continues to snow or not. Reorganizing your soul is even more fulfilling than discarding junk from closets, and it’s easier, in my opinion.

Set one positive spiritual goal for each of Lent’s six weeks. Here’s a sample plan: (Week 1) Give thanks for one blessing each day. (Week 2) Disengage from your need to totally control a handful of small things that don’t really matter. (Week 3) Open your mind to seven new ideas suggested by friends, and try them out. (Week 4) Revive a faded friendship with a former friend over lunch or dinner. ( Week 5) Join or start a Bible study group, or read one of the Gospels on your own. ( Week 6) Look at old family photos and relive the good times, then preserve and share your photos with friends and family. You’ll feel ready to celebrate the joy of Jesus’ resurrection when Easter rolls around on April 20.

Pastor Joyce

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