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May 2015

Pastor Points: "Taking Time to Pray"

In our fast-paced world, everyone needs time to stop and breathe. Taking time to pray helps us to disconnect from the pressures around us. It enables us to tap into the eternal dimension of life. Prayer lifts us to a sense of timelessness.

A breath prayer is a type of prayer that connects us to God, no matter where we are or what we’re doing. In a breath prayer, we pray to the slowed-down rhythm of our own breathing. The breath prayer can be a prayer in itself, or it can lead to further prayer. By practicing your breath prayer regularly, you allow yourself a “spirit break” that becomes as natural as breathing.

Close your eyes. Breathe in slowly and then breathe out slowly. Do this five or six times. Then recite your prayer silently. As you breathe in, pray the first line. As you breathe out, pray the second line. Repeat until your thoughts are focused and you feel relaxed and at peace.

Breath prayers can be verses from scripture, hymns, poems, or whatever lifts your spirits. A prayer doesn’t have to be long and elaborate to be inspiring. You can even write your own!


Line one: Jesus Christ, Savior…..
Line two: have mercy on me, a sinner.

Line one: Spirit of the living God….
Line two: fall afresh on me.

Line one: Be still….
Line two: and know that I am God.

Line one: Create in me….
Line two: a clean heart, O God.

Line one: This is the day the Lord has made…
Line two: I rejoice and am glad in it.

Pastor Joyce

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