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October 2015

Pastor Points: "Who Is This Person On The Prayer List?"

How do names get on (or get taken off!) the prayer list in our worship bulletin? I’m glad our members care enough to ask. People constantly ask us to put their loved ones on the list. I hear from our members in worship, in phone calls, or in conversation. We receive a half-dozen requests a week. That’s one of the signs of a healthy church.

When a member of our congregation dies, we add “friends and family of...” before that person’s name on the list, and, after a month or so, we take his or her name off.

Some churches delete names from their prayer list on a systematic basis after a certain length of time. We don’t do that, for the same reason we don’t need to baptize a group of unrelated children on the same Sunday. We’re a small congregation, and each prayer request we receive is special…..just as each newly-baptized member becomes special to all of us. These are a few of the luxuries of being a family-size church.

Yes, there are a few “mystery names” on our prayer list. We need your help with that. We would to keep the list reasonably short. Sometimes we delete names from the list, and it turns out to be a mistake. There are names that have been on our prayer list for years, for good reason. Members have asked that those names not be taken off. If your sister or uncle or friend has found a job, is feeling better, or has passed on, please let us know at, or write to me at If you would like a particular name to stay on the prayer list, please let us know that, too.

Thank you for caring!

Pastor Joyce

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